PracticeQuestionsChap11&14 - Chem 2461 Checklist and...

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1 Chem 2461 Checklist and Practice Questions for Chapters 11 and 14 Chapter 11 ± Free radical halogenation of alkanes ± Radical chain mechanism ± Radical stability is influenced by alkyl group substitution (as with carbocations: 3° > 2° >1°) ± Reactivity is determined by radical stability ± Product distribution depends on probability and reactivity ± The reactivity-selectivity principle ± Benzylic halogenation (radical substitution of benzylic hydrogens) ± Allylic halogenation (radical substitution of allylic hydrogens) ± Use of NBS to avoid competing halogenation of the double bond ± Resonance delocalization of allylic radicals can lead to a mixture of products Chapter 14 ± Identify delocalized π systems as aromatic, antiaromatic, or nonaromatic. ± Electrophilic aromatic substitution ± General mechanism ± Specific reactions ± Sulfonation ± Nitration ± Halogenation ± Friedel-Crafts Alkylation ± Friedel-Crafts Acylation ± Gatterman-Koch Formylation ± Conversion of acyl groups to alkyl groups
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PracticeQuestionsChap11&14 - Chem 2461 Checklist and...

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