BIOCHEM TEST MATERIAL 2 - Problem Set 2 Answers Multiple...

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Problem Set 2 Answers Multiple Choice: 1) The chirality of an amino acid results from the fact that its α carbon: A) has no net charge. B) is a carboxylic acid. C) is bonded to four different chemical groups. D) is in the L absolute configuration in naturally occurring proteins. E) is symmetric. 2) The uncommon amino acid selenocysteine has an R group with the structure —CH 2 —SeH (p K a 5). In an aqueous solution, pH = 7.0, selenocysteine would: A) be a fully ionized zwitterion with no net charge. B) be found in proteins as D -selenocysteine. C) never be found in a protein. D) be nonionic. E) not be optically active. ** Each of these answers in incorrect. A) is partially correct. Selenocysteine would be fully ionized at pH=7.0 but it would have a charge of -1. Therefore it is not a zwitterion. 3) For amino acids with neutral R groups, at any pH below the pI of the amino acid, the population of amino acids in solution will have: A) a net negative charge. B) a net positive charge . C) no charged groups. D) no net charge. E) positive and negative charges in equal concentration. 4) The formation of a peptide bond between two amino acids is an example of a(n) ______________ reaction. A) cleavage B) condensation C) group transfer D) isomerization E) oxidation reduction 5) Which of the following pairs of bonds within a peptide backbone show free rotation around both bonds? A) C α —C and N—C α B) C=O and N—C C) C=O and N—C α
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Problem Set 2 Answers D) N—C and C α —C E) N—C α and N—C 6) The most important contribution to the stability of a protein’s conformation appears to be the: A) entropy increase from the decrease in ordered water molecules forming a solvent shell around it . B)
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BIOCHEM TEST MATERIAL 2 - Problem Set 2 Answers Multiple...

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