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Geoff_s_Tips_for_Success_Week_3 - Life Expectancy...

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Geoff’s Tips for Success Week 3 Population Distribution and the Factors Contributing to it Population Density and Composition Population Density Crude Population Density Geodemographic Analysis Age-Sex Pyramids Cohorts Dependency Ratio Characteristics of the Youth, Middle and Old-Age Cohorts Implications and Mitigation Techniques for Declining Birth Rates Crude Birth Rates (CBR), Fertility, Total Fertility Rate (FTR), Doubling Time Factors Pertaining to CBR and TFR Crude Death Rates (CDR), Natural Increase and Decrease, Infant Mortality Rates, and
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Unformatted text preview: Life Expectancy Demographic Transition Four Phases: Phase 1: Pre-Industrial Phase 2: Transitional (Urbanizing and Industrializing) Phase 3: Transitional (Mature Industrial) Phase 4: Post-Industrial Mobility and Migration Immigration, Emigration, Internal Migration and International Migration Gross Migration, Net Migration, Push and Pull Factors Voluntary vs Forced Migration Eco-Migration, Environmental Refuges Population Policy vs Population Program Epidemiological Transition...
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