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Tips for Success Week #11 Know the component parts of NA cities: IE CBDs, zones in transition, edge cities, etc Gentrification Territoriality, Congregation, Segregation Benefits of Congregation Urban Form Accessibility and Land Use Accessibility, Bid-Rent and Urban Structure Model (fig 11.6) Trade-Off Model Multiple-Nuclei Model Social Ecology Hoyt “sector” model How are Canadian cities different from American cities and why. Four fundamental forces affecting urban structure/urban form
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Unformatted text preview: For example: Competition for accessibility, social and ethnic discrimination, etc How do North American cities differ from European and Peripheral Cities. The three generalizations of peripheral cities today. Three types of symbolic landscapes identified by Meinig The City Beautiful Movement; Garden City Movement; Modern Movement; Post-Modern Movement Guest Lecture on March 11 is not covered in Test 3...
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