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GEOG 101: G EOGRAPHY UMAN H ABITAT A SSIGNMENT Brian Yiu (20274774) March 23 rd , 2010 I NTRODUCTION Human geography is “the study of spatial organization of human activity and of people’s relationships with their environments” 1 . One of the most fundamental and powerful concepts explored in human geography is the influence and meaning of places. The two films selected for analysis in terms of human geography concepts are Lost in Translation from director Sofia Coppola and The Hurt Locker directed by Kathryn Bigelow. This report seeks to compare and contrast similarities and differences between the two films in terms of the influence and meaning of places, the global context, and cultural aspects among many other concepts. Place is one of the most basic and fundamental concepts under the study of human geography. With two levels of meaning it can be defined in two ways – place is “an objective location that has both uniqueness and interdependence with other places”; “a subjective social and cultural construct – somewhere that has personal meaning for individual or groups” 1 . Places are all connected at the global level and can be organized into a world-system, “an interdependent system of countries linked by economic and political competition” 1 . As places are also social realms there exists cultural geography which studies “the way in which space, place, and landscape shape culture at the same time that culture shapes space, place, and landscape” 1 . 1 | P a g e
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OST IN T RANSLATION : PLOT SUMMARY Released in America year 2003, Lost in Translation is a film exploring the development and progression of the relationship between an aging actor and a recent college graduate with Japan’s modern cityscape, Tokyo, as the backdrop for the tale. Bill Murray stars as the lead male protagonist who is an aging actor that has left his family back in America to produce commercials and make guest appearances in the world of Japanese television media which greatly popularizes American culture. Playing the female protagonist is Scarlett Johansson who takes on the role of a recently graduated college student who has arrived in Tokyo with her husband (Giovanni Ribisi) but is becoming irresolute in regards to her relationship, future, and general direction in life. To further contribute to the mood and character development is the setting, a high class hotel in the middle of one of Japan’s most bustling cities – Tokyo. Themes of alienation, loneliness, insomnia, and cultural differences dominate throughout the film and are the main driving forces in bringing the two characters together amidst a world of uncertainty and unease both metaphorically and literally. 2 |
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GEOG101_-_Assignment_20274774 - GEOG 101: GEOGRAPHY &...

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