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Practice Exam #3 1. A barbell is mounted on a nearly frictionless axle through its center. The low-mass rod has a length d = 0.29 m, and each ball has a mass m = 0.5 kg. At this instant, there are two forces of equal magnitude F applied to the system as shown in the figure, with the directions indicated, and at this instant the angular velocity is 96 radians/s, counterclockwise, and the angle θ = 28°. In the next 0.008 s, the angular momentum relative to the center increases by an amount 4.7 × 10 ±4 kg · m 2 /s. What is the magnitude of each force? A. 0.863 N B. 1.2 N C. 0.53 N D. 0.25 N E. 0 N 2. As shown in the figure, an object is made of two masses attached to a massless rod. Mass M is placed at the origin, and mass m is placed at x = 10 cm. If M =4 m , what is the coordinate of the center of mass of this object is: A. x = 0 cm B. x = 2 cm C. x = 4 cm D. x = 5cm E. x = 10 cm x y M m
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3. What is the moment of inertia of the 4-body object in the figure below if the system rotates about the y axis. Assume that you can treat all 4 masses as point-like objects. A. Ma 2 B. 2Ma 2 C. mb 2 D. 2mb 2 E. 2Ma 2 +2mb 2 4. Wheel 1 of mass M rolls down a slope. Wheel 2 of the same mass M slides down the same slope (ignore friction). Which of the following statements is CORRECT? A. 2 (sliding) will get down first. B. 1 (rolling) will get down first. C. Both will get down at the same time. D. Total kinetic energy of wheel 2 will be larger than.that of wheel 1 E. The translational kinetic energy of wheel 1 is the same as that of wheel 2 5. A truck collides with a mosquito. Which one experiences a larger change in the
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Practice_exam-3-1 - Practice Exam #3 1. A barbell is...

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