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%Engineering 6, Winter 2006, Problem 2.3 %Raminderdeep Sidhu, 7987 %Section A01, Thursday 8- 8:50 %A pedestrian crossing the Golden Gate Bridge looks over the railing and sees %a garbage barge about to pass underneath the bridge. She drops an orange over %the railing just as the bow of the barge passes directly beneath her. The orange %falls and just nicks the top edge of the stern of the barge. If air resistance %can be neglected, and the standard barge is known to be 56 feet long, 4 feet high (above the water level), and to travel at a speed of %7.7 knots (nautical miles per hour), compute and display the height of the
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Unformatted text preview: %railing above the water level in feet, to the nearest foot. S = 7.7 * (6076/3600); %speed is converted into ft per sec from knots D = 56; % distance is in feet T = D / S; %time = distance/speed %time passed while the barge %Compute the height of Golden gate bridge g = 32.2; %gravity given in ft per secoond square height_bridge = (.5 * g * (T)^2 )+ 4; % 4 is added baecause barge is 4 ft % above the water level fprintf('\n Height of the railing above the water level is %.0f feet \n\n:', height_bridge)...
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