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%Engineering 6, Winter 2006, Problem 3.1 %Raminderdeep Sidhu, 7987 %Section A01, Thursday 8- 8:50 %find the area of the shaded semicircular portion given the radius 5 cm and %get the input from the user for angle. clc; format short; a = input('enter a value for the angle a between 0 to 180 degrees '); %convert the angle from the degrees to radians theta = (a * pi)/180; r = 5; %radius of circle in cm total_area = pi * r ^ 2; area_of_sector = (theta * r^2) / 2; %find the area of the sector %area of the triangle
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Unformatted text preview: area_of_triangle = r^2 * cos(theta/2) * sin(theta/2); %to get the area of the shaded region area_of_shaded_region = (area_of_sector) - (area_of_triangle); disp('area of shaded region in centimeters sqa'),disp(area_of_shaded_region); %calculate the percentage of the total area that the shaded region area %takes up disp('area of circle in centimeters square'),disp(total_area); percentage = (area_of_shaded_region / total_area) * 100; disp('percentage'),disp(percentage);...
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