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%Engineering 6, Winter 2006, Problem 4.3 %Raminderdeep Sidhu, 7987 %Section A01, Thursday 8- 8:50 % This program calculates a density vector named density, where the values %of the density vector are the Moore��s Law values for each corresponding year %value. Using the year and density vectors, create two subplot. clear all; clc; format short g; % an array with year from 1965 to 2004 with intervals of 3 year = (1965:3:2004); % Moore��s Law to calculate the density density = 4.^((year-1965)/3)*64; % Table with year and values of density table = [year' density'];
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Unformatted text preview: fprintf(' Year') % header fprintf(' No. of transistors per chip') % header fprintf('\n\n') disp(table) % display the % table with display command disp(' ') figure(1) % bring the figure window to the fromt clf; % create a subplot with labeled title and y axis. subplot(2,1,1), plot(year, density), title('Chip density, 1965-2004'),. .. ylabel(' No. of transistors per chip'); grid on; % create a second subplot on log axis with labeled y-axis and x-axis subplot(2,1,2), semilogy(year, density),. .. ylabel('No. of transistors per chip'),. .. xlabel('Year');grid on;...
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