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sociology of law test two

sociology of law test two - DONALD BLACK Independent...

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DONALD BLACK Independent Variable - Morphology- integration, social participation, levels of intimacy, division of labor, differentiation - Morphology is horizontal Aspects of life 1) Relation between law and differentiation is curvilinear -it is not a straight line, but can change and make a bell curve. 2) relationship between law and relational distance is curvilinear- unlikely that kids will sue parents or parents will sue kids, but it is more likely that the more relational distance(like and acquaintance) the more likely you will take legal action. But at some point you reach a relational distance that is unlikely you will even interact. 3) Radical Location (Raidcal status)- Ron Williamson -some people are married, some people have children affects how much they contribute to well-being of society. Going to school, being a good athlete, how people add or take away from the community. Law varies directly with integration (Law is most likely to become involved, to process aggressively and to be penal in style when the parties are strangers. It is least likely to become involved and to most likely become lenient and conciliatory when the parties are intimate.) - SEEN AS A DISPUTE BETWEEN FAMILY MEMBERS SEEN AS A CRIME BETWEEN STRANGERS -Law variest directly with Integration - the more involved in society a person is, more law is used on them Radial Location -Offenses against active and well integrated people is more serious than offesnse again socially isolated people. -the most serous offenses(more law, more penal) are committed by marginal against integrated people. MOST SERIOUS RANKINGS Offender Victim 1) Marginal Integrated 2) Integrated Integrated 3) Marginal Marginal 4) Integrated Marginal Radial Direction - direction of deviance and the direction of law -Centrifugal- Propelled in Outward direction - Integrated offender-- Marginal Victim
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-Centripetal- Propelled in an Inward direction Marginal Offender-- Integrated victim -Centrifugal Law is greater than Centripetal Law-this means that the offense of a marginal person or group against a integrated person or group is more serious than an offense in the opposite direction. -Centrifugal law varies directly with Radial distance This means the more distance between the integrated and marginal people are, the more serious/more penal the law is Centripetal law varies inversely with radial direction.-the likely hood of a compliant by a marginal person against a integrated person is less likely as the distance between them increases. --all else constant law varies directly with integration of victim - -All else constant law varies INVERSELY with integration of offender -ex.a crime by an unemployed man is more serious than a crime by a employed man. It is still more serious if an unemployed offender has no family and is unknown in the community. It is ever less serious if an employed offender has a good work record, large family, and is known for his service to the community. Marginal man is more vulnerable to the law.
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sociology of law test two - DONALD BLACK Independent...

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