Sociological Concepts Intro

Sociological Concepts Intro - Sociological Concepts What is...

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Sociological Concepts What is a society? Society is a cluster, or system, of institutionalized modes of conduct Institutionalized forms of conduct--modes of belief and behavior that occur and recur across space and time Used to solve problems, transmit our cultures, Through the institution known as the family (FAMILY INSTUTITION) Political institutions – resolve conflicts Educational institutions – after the family institutions Religious institutions – primarily Christian Economical Institutions All exists within each other – what happens in one part of the system happens in the system on a whole . Systems vary on how well they work together. Can be destroyed 5 key concepts : 1 -- SOCIAL STRUCTURE SOCIAL STRUCTURE=patterns of social relationships, of social positions, and of numbers of people, population sizes (Positions of social positions and relationships among them) Patterns are generally relatively stable Deep South – change from rural agriculture to urban industrialized Individuals can affect social structure – Make different choices, most from outside effects Mostly adapt rather than change to it 2 -- SOCIAL ACTION SOCIAL ACTION exists to the extent that people's behavior is based on meaningful understandings of what they do, and is a response to, coordinated with, or oriented toward the actions of others Sociologists distinguish social act ion from things people do without intent (mere behavior), and from things they do in isolation Wink vs. Blink – social action 3 -- FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION --interdependence among parts of a social system – systems of Society is made up of interconnected parts which support and depend on one another--each contributes to system also can be dysfunctions (FAMILY VS. EDUCATION) 4 -- POWER POWER--capacity of one social actor, whether person, group, or organization, to get others to do what it wants – voluntarily or involuntarily Can be personal or impersonal When power is resisted we have a conflict
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Sociological Concepts Intro - Sociological Concepts What is...

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