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CHAPTER 2: STUDYING THE WORLD OF WORK I. Outline I. Techniques of Analysis A. Ethnographies B. Case Studies C. Sample Surveys II. Units of Analysis A. The Worker and the Labor Force B. Industry C. Occupation D. Other Units of Analysis III. Problems in Studying Work A. Lack of Information B. Hard-To-Measure Characteristics IV.Summary Key Concepts (listed on pages 55-56) Validity Reliability Ethnography Participant observation Nonparticipant observation Case study Sample survey Sample population Establishment surveys
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Unformatted text preview: Response error Demographic characteristics Labor force Employed Labor force participation rate Unemployed Unemployment rate Discouraged workers Industry Occupation Major occupational groups Occupational prestige Establishment Multiple regression analysis Firm parent company Subsidiary Conglomerate Multinational company Interlocking directorates Trade associations Ascribed and achieved characteristics Socioeconomic status (SES) scores...
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