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Exam 2 Notes - Test 2 Courtroom 302 2-18-2008 We talked...

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Test 2 Courtroom 302 2-18-2008 We talked about the paper requirements Terrence Pouncy: - This is not an ordinary type of case; we get the impression that he lived somewhere near the neighborhood. -Why did the judge not believe the woman of the car Pouncy was working on? -We need to read this book and analyze the characters in terms of their social statuses. -Why don’t prosecutors want to believe the evidence when it is staring them right in the face? He already had a stigma with him; he was previously arrested for stealing. 2-27-2008 Frank Caruso Jr. Trial Supporters: If a principal party—poor, uneducated, marginal and unrespectable-can manage to click support of extremely prominent citizens/groups—this can change the social complexion of the legal matter entirely. And the opposite: socially advantaged can be hurt by supporters with negative characteristics (Think Jena 6). Also think Rocco La Mania (269). As eye witness, why didn’t he testify? He had a record and didn’t look like a credible witness. He had connections to the 21 st street crew. Crimes: aggravated battery, attempted 1 st degree murder, and hate crime The hate crime will aggravate two already serious offences. Donald Black always focuses on structure: patterned relationships Principals: Victims: Lenard Clark and Clevan Nicholson Defendants: Frank Caruso, Jr. Victor Jasas (jury trial) Michael Kwidzinski (bench trial) Legal Officials Judge : Daniel Locallo; 2-Ton Contest not racist to him; has black judicial mentors; Atticus Finch is his literary hero; heater case vs. Larry Bates case; familial mob history makes this interesting for this case. Prosecutors: Robert Berlin and Ellen Mandeltort (is Jewish) “(products of Chicago’s wealthy north-shore suburbs” 263) Jury: 3 White males, 2 Black females, 2 Hispanics, 1 Pakistani-American, etc (12 total) Supporters Defense: Edward Genson (is also Jewish, genetic disorder which is related to his Jewish heritage, he is a private lawyer)—son of bailbondsmen—and Sam Adams Witnesses:
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Prosecution: Richard Desantis (missing) Mike Cutles (dead) Clevan Nicholson: problem with line-up Id (265) William Jaramillo (stranger); problem with line up Id; credibility re: prior criminal charges Thomas “I don’t recall” Simpson: despite statements to police and grand jury Det. Stanley Turner: problem with line ups and omission of mistaken line up ids Jeffrey Gordon (stranger) can’t Id defendant Lionel Johnson; and Larry Dixon; prior racial epithets goes to motive (276) Defense: 4 police officers Batson vs. Kentucky and Jury Selection: -You can’t excuse people solely because of their race -Did Genson lie to Locallo? (261-262) He used 6 of his 7 strikes against blacks. He lied because he wants older white men because they aren’t likely to be swayed by things they shouldn’t be swayed in. He eliminated people due to race which is against the Batson. -Why did Prosecution ask to have physics teacher removed? He bases his reasoning on scientific
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Exam 2 Notes - Test 2 Courtroom 302 2-18-2008 We talked...

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