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012508 stratification

012508 stratification - o DB there is a relationship...

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1/25/08 DB p. 6-21 Chapter 2: Stratification Stratification is the vertical aspect of social life” p. 11 o Land, shelter o Food, raw materials How these things are distributed throughout society o Not just income and wealth Stratification has variable aspects o Vertical distance: how far apart we are economically o Vertical segmentation: numbers of economic strata; criminal justice system is lower tier Mechanisms of distribution: how we get our share of the pie o Work, other kinds of responsibilities o Birth, age, sex, gender, lineage 2 kinds of statuses o Ascribed : given at birth (race) o Achieved : earned; merited (job) Law is an aspect of social life, therefore law is affected by stratification o SB: most people in the introduction were arrested for drugs and were lower class o Anna Nicole Smith never had the need to buy drugs on the street, she had enough money to fly under the legal radar, when it came to drugs.
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Unformatted text preview: o DB: there is a relationship between the unequal distribution of resources and the law • Quantity of stratification o Quantity is the vertical distance between people (on avg) o The more stratification, the more vertical distance between people Proposition 1: Law (DV) varies directly with stratification (IV). P. 13 IV affects DV • Vertical location is determined by an inequality of wealth because everyone is related in terms of our higher/lower vertical status/ranks in society. • Proposition 2 deals with persons of relatively equal status (ex. between principals); it is also applied to structural relationships among principles, 1 supporters, and officials. Proposition 2: Law varies directly with rank IV affects DV • Lower rank means less law (in quantity and style) • Upper rank means more law (in quantity and style) 2...
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012508 stratification - o DB there is a relationship...

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