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Assignment 1-1 - Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 1.1...

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Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 1.1 P a g e | 1 “What does fair-mindedness require?” This is a question that I have never sat down and asked myself. Although I think that after reading this lesson I do many of these things already. However, after doing some self analysis, I definitely have room for improvement, especially when dealing with my three daughters of 14, 11, and 8. I will focus on my relationship with my daughters rather than how I handle myself in a work environment. Although I have never really sat down and analyzed how I think critically, I believe that I don’t think as critically about how I think at home than I do at work. I would like to be the same across the board and I think that by doing this I will create a much stronger relationship with my entire family, starting with my teenage daughter. I have a very tough time with being fair-minded with my oldest daughter of 14. She is an excellent, determined, confident, intelligent child who has always done well in school. We have many of the same characteristics, and I believe that is why we are like oil and water on most things. I usually make some assumptions that hinder our relationship. I assume that I cannot trust my teenager and that she is more times than not, as truthful as I would like her to be. She has not given me a reason for me to not believe her other than the standard teenage deviation from the truth. I have a predisposition to this thought process and therefore tend not to have as open of a mind when there are conflicts. This leads me down the path of intellectual unfairness to her, even when she provides logical and rational proof that I discount as not being so. It would
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Assignment 1-1 - Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 1.1...

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