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Assignment 2-1 - Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 2.1...

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Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 2.1 P a g e | 1 I am currently working for Systems Engineering Associates Corporation (SEA CORP) as a Senior Test Engineer. Mostly we are a consulting firm for many different government agencies one of which is the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWCNPT) in Newport, RI. I was tasked to provide technical expertise in the field of information assurance (IA) in regards to the Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical System (SWFTS) Sea Test for the Advanced Processor Build 2009 (APB-09). Although I am not an expert in the field of IA, I have a lot of experience in technical writing and have been involved with a handful of certification and accreditation processes. First I will give a brief overview of the APB process so that you will have an understanding of the frustrations that I encountered during this job. The Advance Processing Build (APB) sea-test is the final test of a four step process in the submarine combat systems modernization program that evaluates the APB in the actual system operational environment. The process starts with understanding the fleet needs, as specified in fleet-defined and Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) provided requirements, and then finding and developing solutions to those problems and integrating the solutions into a software build that can be transitioned to production. A necessary adjunct to the APB process is the Technical Insertion (TI), a robust technical update of sonar and combat system hardware ensuring that computing capability is available on the submarine which provides the landing pad for the future technologies and prevents hardware obsolescence. The operational test and evaluation as well as the training and doctrine communities are involved from early in the process to ensure the process execution meets all required objectives. This is a multimillion dollar a year process that includes over 30 companies and 8 universities. The problem with the IA process is that you must get very specific information about this system from all of the entities involved and compile them into one document. This
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Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 2.1 P a g e | 2 document is then brought to the Naval Network Warfare Command to ensure the system is protected and available for use when needed. The initial frustration I felt in this process was that the Program manager and Information Assurance Manager that I was assigned to work with on this project had never done something on this scale before. I had also not created one of these documents from scratch. Based on these facts we were already starting at knowledge deficit. I
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