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Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 7.1 P a g e | 1 Human fallibility and vested interest will always play a key role in how things are viewed in reference to how things really are. It is in our nature to see things as we want them to be and not to merely view them as they are. It takes an enormous amount of effort and practice to be able to remove you own personal interest, background and biases from a situation in order to view things as they are. Many of the academic fields are in place to try to give a person a basic understanding of a field from the perspective of the University and the Professor, but this too has some fallacy and vested interest involved. The University wants their academic courses to convey certain aspects, based on what the perception and expectations are. Do students select a University for the name or for what they perceive the academics will be, a little of both I think. As my first example of how ideal and real are different I have chosen to discuss the topic of History. It is said that those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. This is the basis for the Ideal. If we all study history we will become better people, community, society, country, you can fill in your own group. This allows us to understand where we come from, how we ended up here and why we have the rules that our society has. The study of history basically describes how we evolved from where we were then to where we are now. By studying history we are able to make better decisions on our
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Assignment_7-1 - Shane Wicken 084379 HU260 Assignment 7.1...

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