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Multi-Table Databases / “Linking” Tables The solution to most database problems involves more than one table. Typically, the data in the different tables is related. This relationship is implemented by a set of linking keys. To return to our example, suppose that we want to keep information about the various manufacturers of model trains. We could set up a table that has info for each manufacturer, and link them together by common key. Here we are building a second table in our database using design view. This time we have identified six pieces of information that we want to keep about the model train manufacturer: Links between tables are accomplished by special fields called “key” fields. Since we intend to use the same manufacturer identification in this table that we used in the model cars table, manufacturer would make an excellent primary key field. You accomplish this by selecting the row and then clicking on the key symbol in the tool bar:
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When you have done this, a key symbol will appear to the left of the row for that field.
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