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TechNote.1 - table is updated the pie chart in Excel will...

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The MS-Windows operating systems provide for the ability to link the content of various documents together. The general idea is that a user can link together two or more documents such that and update to one document is automatically reflected in the other document. for instance in the "pie" chart below we can see the proportions of the inventory of pies: If the user wished, they could copy the pie chart, and paste it into a word document like this:
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But, if Mary went back and recounted her pies and discovered that there were actually 3 cherry pies and only 11 apple pies she would have to correct the spreadsheet. When the
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Unformatted text preview: table is updated, the pie chart in Excel will be automatically changed. Unfortunately, the copy of the pie chart in the Word document will NOT be updated, and she would have to copy and paste again in order to correct the Word document. Object Linking and Embedding offers a solution. After copying the pie chart from Excel, the user should use Paste Special/Paste Link like this: Instead of just pasting in a copy, a link is established between the Excel table and the Word Document. Now any time the Excel table is updated, the pie chart in Word can reflect those changes....
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