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Movie 7 Human skeleton

Movie 7 Human skeleton - other dress up as a skeleton to...

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Gen. Biology Movie # 7 Human Skeleton Johnny Page 09.14.07 On 09.14.2007, our class viewed a video over the human skeleton, and learned some interesting facts that our skeleton does for our bodies. The video in brief explained that our skeleton supports our bodies, and helps in our everyday movement. We have 300 bones, with 206 left in an adult man and women, which is our foundation for our body. We see the skeleton in many different ways, some see the skeleton as a fear, and some cultures view the skeleton as an enjoyment. We celebrate holidays, such as Halloween, by dressing up as a skeleton to scare others, while
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Unformatted text preview: other dress up as a skeleton to celebrate the dead. The exoskeleton, which some creatures utilize as a shield is the skeleton on the outside of the body. There are blue crabs which shed there skeleton in order to grow, and we have the snail, who find and fights for a larger shell to grow. We know that the skull is the toughest bone in our skeletal make-up, since it takes many hits and has to protect our most vital organ, the brain, which is the nucleus of our nervous system....
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