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Gen. Biology Amphibians Johnny Page 09.24.07 Amphibian, what are they and where do them live. This is one of the main questions answered through the video of Amphibians. Amphibians are the species which can live either in the water or on land. How do we tell the difference between frogs and toads? To tell the difference, the toad is dry and wrinkly and the frog is smooth and slimy. We also know that toads walk, and then begin their lead, where a frog will take a leap of faith from a dead stop. Frogs, live 12 weeks in the water as first eggs, then evolving into tadpoles, and then growing limbs, still with a tail. Then finally they lose the tail and start life on land. Now not all frogs are the same, some carry their eggs with them either on their backs or in their mouths. It all depends on the species of frog that we are discussing.
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Unformatted text preview: No matter what the weather, be it desert or the artic, we have amphibians all over the world. The desert frog lives in a bag, which is like a cocoon, for seven years up until it rains again. Once it feels the rain coming, it will brake the cocoon, which is the first food it eats. As for the Artic frog, during the very cold time of the year, the frog will freeze itself, actually stopping its heart. To keep it alive, the frog will produce its own antifreeze. Even though most of us classify a frog or toad as a precious little amphibian, deep in the Amazon there are frogs whose skin is so toxic it could take the lives of thousands. Some of the tribes, who live in the Amazon, use this to their advantage, by catching the frog and extracting the poison to put on their darts for hunting....
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