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Oceans - have been shown that the over fishing of our...

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Gen. Biology Movie #2 “Oceans” Johnny Page 08.28.07 On Aug. 9 th , we watched a movie about our oceans. This movie included some interesting aspects in regard to the life in the oceans and some of the land formations below the oceans surface. We found that the largest population of species is what lies beneath the ocean surface, with 99% of living creatures being in the oceans depths. We also found that in this population that there are more groups of animals in the ocean than there are on land. The movie also discussed, if we were to take all the salt from the ocean, it would cover all of the land masses 5 feet in salt. We found out that when if Christopher Columbus was to land on the American land at this time, he would find out, he would one boat length out into the ocean. We also found, that 95% of all world trade is done over the ocean. In 1840, Mathew Fontaine, was the first to ever chart wind and current of the ocean. Movie explained that the oceans current is determined by the spin of the earth. We
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Unformatted text preview: have been shown that the over fishing of our oceans, not only impacts the societies that live on the oceans edge, but is also hurting our oceans creatures. “Oceans”, also showed us that by trial and error man have found ways to explore its depths. In 1943 we had Jacques Cousteau, who invented the SCUBA gear. With his new equipment Cousteau was able to be the first to go 160ft below the oceans surface. Today we are still trying to explore even deeper into the oceans depths, but with the great pressure the oceans floor produces, which is equivalent to 50 jumbo jets being supported by one person, it is very difficult to create a machine that will handle this pressure. One thing we did find out through the movie is that if we were to bring a creature from the bottom depths of the ocean, and we were to bring it up to fast, the creature would disintegrate....
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