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Chapter I The World of Music (p. 4) The development of music styles in America lies in the cultures of other nations. The cultural mainstream or historically predominant culture in America was the English or Anglo-Saxon and British Isles (Ireland and Scotland). This occurred in the 17 th and 18 th centuries. As a society, the Anglo-Saxon group influenced our politics, religion and language. Other immigrant groups had to choose assimilation with the mainstream or isolation from it. Assimilation is the process whereby immigrant groups gradually adopt the characteristics of the host society. Those groups that chose to retain their language, customs or social views became ethnic minorities. Some ethnic groups partially assimilated into the mainstream but retained their songs, instruments, accents, food and lifestyles. Had it not been for the merging of cultural traditions jazz would not have evolved. Also, most of the instruments traditionally used in folk singing came from Europe and the British Isles. Acculturation is the process by which a culture assimilates and blends or adapts to the characteristics and practices of another culture. Thus, we have jazz, the blues, and zydeco. However, one ethnic group was never assimilated into the mainstream. The immigrants rejected the music of the Native Americans as being primitive. Music is found in all cultures, however the social, political and economic environment of a society influences the way music is created, performed and listened to in each culture. This is the context in which music originates We have scholars, known as ethnomusicologists, who study music in cultures. They travel to a country or a region and live where the music is produced and strive to understand the music the way it is understood by the members of that culture or region. They ask such questions as:
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Lecture_Chapter_01 - 1 Chapter I The World of Music (p. 4)...

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