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9/2/09 PLSI 200 American Politics Notes The Logic of Collective Action and Madisonian Democracy What is Politics? -Managing social conflict -Power play? - Who has power, how to use power -Justice, ideals, values, beliefs -Agendas -Translating ideology into reality, or preserving the status quo - Classic Definition (Distributive Politics) - Politics is the struggle over who gets what and when - Examples? - Oil, and distribution of said oil -War, soldiers and troops -Money, and public education -Social Security -Immigration -Farm subsidies -Health care -Education -etc - What’s Missing? - Answer: Ideas, Values, Culture, Justice Politics is. .. -The Conflict of Interests, Ideas, and Values -Managing Conflict through Political Institutions and Political Processes What are the processes and institutions through which American politics takes place? -Senate and the House -503c, Non-profit organizations (Interest groups) -News, Late night comedy shows (Conan, Colbert, Stewart, Letterman) -In the classroom -Multinational corporations -Some Political Processes -Public Issues and Problems are Framed in the Media -Issues are Placed on the Agenda -Policy Alternatives are Created, Debated, and Prioritized by Politicians and Competing Interests -Policies are Enacted through Legislative or Bureaucratic Processes -Politics are Implemented by Politicians, Government Bureaucrats, Public Workers of all kinds -Political Opposition Attempts to Re-Frame, and Re-Contest Policy Solutions
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Politics of Reproductive Rights - Abortion as Distributive Politics: -Access to it as a medical service, legal, but not funded, access is severely limited -Space rationing -If you are wealthy, you have access - Access to abortion as a medical procedure funded partly (or entirely) through govt. resources - Abortion as Constitutive Politics: - Competing Values: “the Right to Choose” vs. “Right to Life” - Competing Values: State’s rights vs. Federal Control - Competing Institutions: Supreme Court vs. Congress vs. State Legislatures - Competing Government Implementation by Democrats and Republicans In America: Very few things are FINAL Point?: It’s not just voting, it’s not just legislating, its many things put together. Does Politics Matter? - Why Politics? -Avoid war and Violence (breakdown of political processes) -“War is just politics by other means,” Carl von Clauswitz -Achieve Collective Goals (Public Goals) -Not possible acting alone -Non-exclusive -Requires Collective Action -Collective Action Problems The Grade Game -Prisoners dilemma How to solve the issue? (It comes down to trust) -demographic
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9-2-09_P200_Notes - PLSI 200 American Politics Notes The...

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