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Interest Groups Voting: Review Voting Turnout Puzzles -Age and Education -Increased partisan mobilization efforts since 2000 Vote Choice -Information Shortcuts – “cues” -Party Identification -Personal Morality – Scandals Do campaigns and issues matter? -No: Elections are pre-determined -Economy and partisan voting -Presidential campaigns cancel each other out -Incumbency Advantage -Yes: Campaigns Matter -Campaigns can activate partisans and mobilize voters -Campaigns can act as test of executive competence Analytical Perspectives: Voting - What do the facts about voting, campaigns, and elections say about the quality of American political/democratic processes? -According to a public choice stratificationist? -Public Choice Stratificationist -Voting is not rational, and voters are largely ignorant and uninformed -Highly organized, wealth-maximizing groups are much more motivated and likely to gain access through campaign donations -Elections are relatively meaningless -Highly organized elite groups can use fragmented government to defeat majority party agenda - What would a Hyperpluralist say? -Hyperpluralist: -Paralyzed government increase sense of political inefficacy, lack of meaningful influence by groups, and decline in voting -Professionalization and proliferation of pressure group tactics has made citizen participation less meaningful and effective -Myopic uninformed electorate make it unlikely that government will be able to meaningfully tackle long-term structural problems - What would a pluralist say? -Pluralist: -Voting and elections may be blunt and crude, but they are still effective -Voter turnout declined, but voters are responsive to partisan mobilization -Voter turnout increasing among minority groups and youth -Participating in elections increases social capital, community attachment, and level of political information
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12-9-09_P200_Notes - Interest Groups Voting Review Voting...

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