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Journalism 205 9/15/09 Notes New Media INSERT The Long Tail -The niched strategy of businesses, particularly those operating on the internet. What implications has this had on news media? 1. News media now has to find a way to deliver news to more targeted consumers. But they have to be able to make money from it. 2. Google content and ads 3. The effect on the journalistic principles of informing the public is somewhat compromised. Net Neutrality -The free flow of information on the Internet -Comcast blocking the flow of large files of data, essentially file sharing -Appeals to the FCC News Web Sites -The Web arm of traditional publications -NYT
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Unformatted text preview: -SF Chron-WashingtonPost-Strictly online news websites-Salon.com-Slate.com-CBS Market Watch-Alternet.org-News Portals-topix.net-Yahoo!News-Google News-News/Political Blogs-Daily Kos-Gawker-Crooks and Liars-Tech Crunch Who is the Gatekeeper? The Agenda Setter? Engaging the Viewer/Reader-Public Journalism-Interactive Journalism-Citizen Journalism Who is a journalist?-Who decides who is a journalist?-What does that mean in terms of the First Amendment?-What would this mean for a Shield Law?-Are bloggers protected under laws of qualified privilege?-Should bloggers be credentialed to cover institutions like the White House?...
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9-15-09_J205_Notes - -SF Chron-WashingtonPost-Strictly...

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