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9/22/09 Social Impact of Journalism Notes The Digital Divide -Access to -Software -Hardware -Technological Know How Broadband 22% - US Personal Computer 73% Research suggests that the bloggers that most people follow are men Herbert Gans (Socialist) Proposed a series of 8 things the news proposes -Ethnocentrism (one’s race/ethnicity/culture is superior to another) -Alturistic Democracy (democracy should not be self serving)
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Unformatted text preview: -Responsible Capitalism (ok to make money, don’t exploit people)-Small Town Pastoralism-Individualism-Moderation-Order-Leadership How does news decide what to story? News Frame-Story Angle-Sources Chosen-Placement information-Quotes Master Narrative-Running theme- * Teens-* Corporations (Greed)...
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