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Journalism and Regulation? Who Regulates Media? FCC How can they regulate media? The Tale of Radio -Four Figures in Radio Innovation -Guglielmo Marconi- Wireless Telegraphy, 1895 -Reginald Fessenden- Transmission of voices, 1906 -Lee De Forest- Audion tube, 1907 -David Sarnoff- Systemic Delivery Experimental Stations -FN, San Jose, Format, (now KCBS San Francisco) 1909 -KDKA, Pittsburgh, Commercial, 1920. Westinghouse sold radios, built transmitter and broadcast the programming. Commercial Expansion -Blanket Licensing (pay annual fee to ASCAP to play music) -Commercial Sponsorship, WEAF Early Regulation -Radio Act of 1912: First licensing to enthusiasts who wanted to broadcast or receive messages -Created Federal Radio Commission, ran out of Dept of Commerce -Radio Act of 1927: “Public convenience, interest or necessity requires. 3-year stints- -Radio Act of 1934: Creation of Federal Communications Commission -Push for commercial use of radio airwaves Sarnoff and RCA -GE, Westinghouse, Western Electric, AT&T, United Fruit Company form Radio Corporation of American. 1919 -Idea of super transmitter -Network that shared programming -Red (NY) and Blue (NJ) Power of RCA - RCA controlled several aspects of the recording and radio industry. 1. Radio manufacturing
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10-13-09_J205_Notes - Journalism 205 Notes, 10-13-09...

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