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The Future of Journalism in an Age of Disruptive Change Alan D. Mutter www.newsosaur.blogspot.com [email protected] 415.519.2495 Current state is in change, everything is changing -Change is good and bad - Yesterday- Media 1.0 Advertisers Traditional Media Companies Consumers Today Media 2.0 Advertisers (Smaller and Smaller) -->Traditional Media Companies-> Consumers -Add on “New Media”, all people are now communicating with each other. Tomorrow Media 3.0 -News will find you, due to your desires Three things disrupting journalism -Econ -Tech -Consumer Trends Economic Trends -Fragmentation- audience is fragmented, get information from everywhere -audience of traditional media is shrinking -Shrinking audience -Lower ad sales -High main stream media costs -Weak econ -Lower profit -Free vs. paid Newspapers are struggling -shrinking readership -revenue, profits, staff -news hole -relevance - Bankruptcies News weeklies are imploding -2007- 3.1 M -2008- 2.6M -2009- 1.2M
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Shrinking rate base… sales…frequency…staff Broadcast news is sputtering -audience fragmented, weak sales, falling profits -big 3 nets cut news and closed bureaus -ABC cut D.C. Buro 67% to 15, outsourcing Iraq to BBC NPR reduced staff by 7% canceled to programs
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10-21-09_J205_AlanMutterNewsosaur_Notes - The Future of...

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