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Exam 2: Review materials You are responsible for everything covered in lecture and on the PowerPoints. The points below refer primarily to the readings. You will also be responsible for the information in the video clip on Paul Krugman on the course web site. Ch. 7: Stratification and Social Class Be able to answer the review questions (pp.219-220) and define the terms on p. 220. Define social stratification and the different systems of stratification. Describe the various components of social stratification and discuss the differences between Marx and Weber over those components. Know the differences between caste and class and how they exist in American society. Understand the myth of the middle class in America. What is the General Social Survey? What kinds of information can be found there? Read the section on income inequality (pp.200-201 carefully. Understand Figure 7.2. Also, carefully read the material in the CEO compensation box on .p.202 Discuss income inequality and the ways in which gender and race play a part in income inequality. How does poverty in the U.S. compare with poverty in other high-income countries? What are the characteristics of poor people in the U.S.? Know who the poor are in terms of race, age, gender, employment status, and location. Define the poverty line, the way in which it is calculated, and its implications for society. Discuss the feminization of poverty.
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Exam+2+review+materials - Exam 2: Review materials You are...

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