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Research Paper #1: The Etiquette of Food and Finders Keepers The premise: In today’s society, when someone leaves behind a plate of food in a restaurant or other eating place, other diners leave it alone – especially if the plate’s owner is only gone temporarily. The food is their property, and most people would not want to consume someone else’s half- eaten meal (especially a stranger’s!). I broke this norm by helping myself to food that, to all appearances, was left unattended by someone I didn’t know. The method: My experiment took place in the Segundo dining commons on Thursday, October 16 th , between 1-2pm. I had the assistance of two friends – one to be my fellow actor, and one to observe others’ reactions. The plan dictated that my first friend select a food, such as a bowl of soup, and choose a seat at a table already occupied by other people. After eating for a minute or two, she would get up and leave, presumably for a beverage or some other forgotten item. I would then walk over, take her vacated seat, and begin eating her food. Upon her return, we would make a small scene in which I professed apologies, saying I hadn’t realized she wasn’t finished, and she in turn would wave them off and leave to get another helping. I would follow soon after to give people a chance to talk about us after we’d gone. My second friend would watch the exchange from a nearby table and take notes on people’s reactions.
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