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Soc 1: Introduction to Sociology Fall 2009 Exercise 1: Field observation: Norm Violation Due dates Topic approved: 10/12 Project turned in: 10/26 In this exercise you will violate a common custom and record other people’s response to your behavior. This should not just be something silly , but should be a genuine social rule that people may not think much about but take seriously. In the past students have worn Lakers gear to a Sacramento sports bar when the Kings were playing the Lakers, worn clothes or accessories considered by some to be inappropriate for their gender, talked on a cell phone in a restaurant, knitted a sweater during class, dropped a scoop of ice cream on the floor then picked it up and ate it. Do not break any law or regulation. Do not endanger yourself or others in any way. Here is what you should do: Get my written approval from your TA on your idea before you do your observation. Your paper will have 4 sections:
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