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Week 7 Reading response: Class Matters Imagine that you work full time at a minimum wage job. (In California, that’s $8 per hour.) You work full-time and average 22 days per month of work. Your average monthly pay is $1408 per month. Your annual wages ($16,896) are above the poverty line ($10,830), therefore you are not eligible for any kind of public assistance such Medicaid. However, you do qualify as being among the working poor, so you qualify for the EIC (see Fred Block’s article) and thus do not pay income taxes. You do, however, pay social security tax and a Medicare contribution. These equal $75 per month reducing
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Unformatted text preview: your monthly income to $1333. 1. Develop a budget that would cover your expenses in your home town. Include all the expenses that you feel are necessary for you to lead a decent life. Include housing, transportation, food, clothing, medical care and other expenses you feel are necessary for you (such as personal care products, payments on a television or a computer). 2. What things would you have to do in order to make your money go further? 3. What advantages/resources do you have in coping with life on $1333 per month that the low-wage workers in Nickel and Dimed do not have?...
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