Chapter 1 Key Terms

Chapter 1 Key Terms - Janice Novick PSY245...

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Janice Novick PSY245 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Key Terms Chapter 1 Army Apha and Army Beta – Mental ability tests developed by I/O psychologists during World War I that were used to select and classify army personnel. Competencies – The skills, behaviors, and capabilities that allow employees to perform specific functions. Dissertation – A unique piece of scholarly research that is usually the last hurdle before obtaining a Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology – The application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace. Scientist/Practitioner Model – An approach used to train I/O psychologists that maintains that because I/O psychologists are both generators and consumers of knowledge, training must be focused on both theory and application. SUMMARY: I/O psychology, the application of psychology to the workplace, encompasses such diverse areas of performance appraisal, employment testing, organizational development, and motivation. I/O
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Chapter 1 Key Terms - Janice Novick PSY245...

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