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Review Sheet for Exam II (M&IS 34180: Human Resource Management) Exam 2 date & time: March 18, 2010, during normal class hours. Exam 2 is composed of 50 multiple choice questions. Generally speaking, exam questions will be developed to assess both knowledge (i.e., possession of facts) and thinking (i.e., understanding). Recruiting (Class Notes and Chapter 5, pp. 202-216) 1. Definition of recruiting and recruiting strategy 2. Personnel policies, recruiter characteristics, and recruitment sources, ways to evaluate recruitment sources 3. internal recruiting versus external recruiting 4. employment-at-will versus due process 5. methods of external recruiting (e.g., direct applicants, referrals, etc.), their advantages and disadvantages 6. three components of recruiting ad 7. general recruiting process metrics (e.g., yield ratio) Selection (Class Notes & Chapter 6) 8. Correlation coefficient 9. Validity (definition, types of validity evidences: content validity, criterion-related, including concurrent and predictive) 10.
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