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Study Guide for Exam 1 Exam 1 date & time: Tuesday Feb. 16, 2010, during class hours. Exam 1 is composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. Generally speaking, exam questions will be developed to assess both knowledge (i.e., possession of facts) and thinking (i.e., understanding). Chapter 1 will not be included on Exam 1. Chapter 2. Strategic HRM (pp. 80-84). 1. HRM practices (e.g., job analysis and design, recruiting and selection, etc.). Class lecture and notes on Strategic HRM. 1. 2. Relationship between HRM and organization’s performance. 3. Two types of fit. 4. 5. Implications of innovation and cost-reduction strategies for HR practices. Chapter 3. EEO and safety (pp. 100-132). Class lecture and notes on EEO. 1. EEO acts specified in class notes. 2. reinforcement of EEO. 3. disparate treatment and disparate impact. 4. elements of affirmative action plan.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. 80% rule. 6. terms: EEO, AA, and diversity management. 7. OSHA (pp. 129-132). 1. Definition. 2. Employee rights under OSHA. 3. OSHA inspections, citations and penalties. Chapter 4. Job Analysis (pp. 158-170). Class lecture and notes on Job Analysis. 1. Terms: job analysis, job description (+ essential components), job specification. 2. Purposes of JA. 3. Sources of job analysis information. 4. Task Inventory Analysis. 5. PAQ, Functional job analysis, and Fleishman Job Analysis Method. 6. Methods of JA (observation, critical incidents) their advantages and disadvantages. 7. Job Characteristics Model (pp. 169-170). Chapter 5. HR Planning (pp. 184-202). Class lecture and notes on HR planning. 1. Definition of the HR planning and leading indicator. 2. Statistical and judgmental approaches to forecasting HR demand and supply, transitional matrix. 3. Options for reducing labor surplus and labor shortage....
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