Math 3A Pantano

Math 3A Pantano - h ( ,heck,:J [ 1'rr,r-er G*gn&rrcr'...

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(,heck,:J [1'rr,r-er seo.r-srs JrK G*gn&rrcr- in e.,'b ' $t,* iRn h i-ref V be Th,z l qa + 0-[!- p!*. .rnrr cr.\s t^- , -JJ s "+ {"$" a n. Cr:-ffiuin -SS,cr{ 6r €Xc;Lrn P\e, Ne- riuant T" &-T€r\mi he Wheffie 11 nV^":',,o\. G-re- i=r\tec's- ;n Jq-Pe"1dJ]-t''T i.<:rrstdqr f.(x) = | p5(*) '= X2., P.(^) = xt- z . In thiS eXctrnp\n, orre cq;n 3^*** Thc{f pr(x) =@zk pzk)- 2?,(*) r,t ol, 3o p.tx) - P.cxl .t 1-,p,cx) o . B€-(u-'le hre cCIr\ $*'t^ & iirns,* ; bin.,,\tJ^ crf f ., f"-, t"':h;ch t s ttt"'{ - UpxL, (* tho 8lr2 d"d-m i cr-t) u3hpta t{trth u--€n13 cr'-rt rcfo .-UL &t tha- vEmos clr€ Jrnacr$ &ff^J$e - i$"- (s\s' Jr. t(a- Fhf"m 'cu\s pi[x)= x{-2,, Prtx)=x2-\r P*(r)= \+x-x2' C,-essinn- -Jre o'-\'r'sui€i- 15 i""!"&t '-tu \'1€ pnoctC i.uilln a i-rd.r- r^o-*f, rr,sT[. .{ B) &+rriG ov|, p,.,pr, F, cL\,a- h.,,tnsq rhdlif€in"i 'fl ard *V + l".I -ry.g- onty So l* To Tt\A :a1ufft C1 p,t^.) r c, F(x) cr ftr(r) @, is cr = Cz- Ca; O- NolZ TncU- Tt^a- RH 5 T1"L Zuv p'wbniC: Q Ot-Ox+Ox2t +cx^' "+
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" tlr crL-v,a\ (lt.) f,) uras : C,(A+z)tc" (xt_r)* % s.rie iL, r€.Lffict- trj$nSIG1'6 ]""r^n S : Ca (r+X*x")=o -f vG^,Jo{Js \ - true-rrpdSrs +x c_Lrd TArL A= fien cq- F,t po I p,l B{r4{ t" - *aTkca iAtel =) ,i ij, lflJs 1:i H-, o t -l ' -\J fto' .sy,.ile*'n Ax = 9 JPLS t'' ./
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Math 3A Pantano - h ( ,heck,:J [ 1'rr,r-er G*gn&amp;rrcr'...

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