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Unformatted text preview: 5) f households in the economy decide to take money out of checking accounts and put money I into savings accounts this will A) ecrease M1 and increase M2. d B) ecrease M1 and decrease M2. d C) ecrease M1 and not change M2. d D) ncrease M1 and decrease M2. i 6) hich of the following is a true statement? W A) xcess Reserves = Actual Reserves - Required Reserves E B) xcess Reserves = Deposits - Required Reserves E C) xcess Reserves = Deposits - Loans E D) xcess Reserves = Loans - Required Reserves E 1 Assessment 7 (Due: 5:10pm, 7 Nov (Fri)) Submit via WebCT!!! 7) f the reserve...
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