Sample Final - Chemistry 102 Section E1 Sample Final...

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Chemistry 102, Section E1 Sample Final Examination Dr. A. Brown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Name (please print) First Name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Signature ID Number Instructions: 1. Please place your ONE CARD on your desk. 2. This exam consists of two parts: Part A is 8 True-False/Short Answer questions and Part B is 7 long answer questions. The exam comprises 10 pages of questions plus the cover page and one data sheet (12 total pages) . Make sure you have a complete exam and write your name on any pages detached from the exam. 3. This is a closed-book examination. 4. Place your answers on the FRONT SIDE of each page and CLEARLY NOTE any work on the back side of a page. 5. SHOW YOUR WORK. Answers without supporting work will be assigned reduced or zero marks. 6. You may use any approved calculator. 7. The time allowed is 3 hours. 8. Exams may be written in pen or pencil. Students may review their exams with Dr. Brown (W3-68) by appointment after May 3, but requests for reappraisal of exams must be in writing by June 22 (Section 23.5.4 of Calendar.) Question # Total Marks Your mark Part A 8 B.1 8 B.2 8 B.3 6 B.4 6 B.5 8 B.6 3 B.7 10 B.8 10 B.9 10 Total 77
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PART A: True-False/Short Answer For the True-False questions, circle the correct answer. For short answer problems, write your answer in the space provided. A.1.
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Sample Final - Chemistry 102 Section E1 Sample Final...

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