Lecture 20 - 3/1/10 What is the shape of [Ni(CN)4]2-? A)...

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3/1/10 1 16 What is the shape of [Ni(CN) 4 ] 2- ? A) Linear B) Square Planar C) Tetrahedral D) Octahedral E) Unknown CN = 4 ( most) nd 8 = square planar Ni 2+ [Ar]3d 8 tetrahedral or square planar Electron configuration: 2.2. Ligands 18 Anionic : F - fluoro Cl - chloro Br - bromo CN - cyano SCN - thiocyano NO 2 - nitro OH - hydroxo 1) Monodentate ligands : Neutral : H 2 O aqua NH 3 ammine CO carbonyl NO nitrosyl attached to the metal by one pair of electrons Need to know these names 2) Polydentate ligands : i) Bidentate: 2 pairs e- ethylenediamine, en 19 oxalato, ox 2- attached to metal by more than one pair of electrons (also called chelating ligands) takes two neighbouring spots on the metal each bond counts as one for coordination number 20 e- pairs too close to fit into metal orbitals How many lone pairs does water have? Is water monodentate or bidentate? A) 1, mondentate B) 1, bidentate C) 2, monodentate D) 2, bidentate need (at least) two other atoms between atoms with lone pairs 1. Name cation frst then anion. Complex anions:
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Lecture 20 - 3/1/10 What is the shape of [Ni(CN)4]2-? A)...

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