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What I Think About... - Zack Campbell-Hovland Principles of...

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Zack Campbell-Hovland Principles of Marketing T/Th 3:05- 4:20 What I Think About… My mind is constantly racing with millions of thoughts so I am not sure of exactly what this paper is expected to look like, but then again that’s probably what you want; a bunch of random thoughts so you can sort of profile us. I’m almost positive it has something to do with consumer behavior. I looked up the definition of it and basically I found that when you study a consumer, it will help a firm or a company to improve their marketing strategies. They look at how people think, feel, reason, and select between different things, how they are influence by outside forces, how knowledgeable they are about this or that and so forth. When I think about it I see why it needs to be studied. It’s really one of the only ways you can ensure a product will be successful when you release it into a new market. But anyway, in another part of my life I imagine what it would be to be a part of a Greek letter organization. I wonder if it would be any different than just being a “gosh darn individual.” Of course you hear the stories about how women come easier, and of course it looks cool when you step, and the many younger people will look up to you so I guess it would have its advantages. I can’t really think of a disadvantage at this moment other than the fact that you have to go through a process and pledge, but I think everyone should have to pledge. If you really love the organization then it should not be a big deal for you to do, right? And if you can’t hack it then
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What I Think About... - Zack Campbell-Hovland Principles of...

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