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Open Boat SQ -1 - Whitchurch w The Open Boat We cannot...

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Whitchurch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx w T h e O p e n B o a t T h e O p e n B o a t “We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can choose how we respond to them.” —Epictetus (50?-135? CE ) 1. How do you respond to the opening line ? What does it accomplish? 2. a. How is each of the main characters different? Why are they not more fully characterized? In what important ways are the characters alike? b. What qualities make a good leader? Is the Captain a good leader? Explain. What is the cook like? Why is the oiler the only one given a name? What foreshadowing is there for the last statement about him? 3. What is the main theme —themes—of the story? What is the correspondent’s attitude toward the sea at the beginning? Is it the same throughout the story, and at the end? How do you know? 4. Why is the theme of “the brotherhood of men” (mentioned at beginning of Section III) an important one throughout the story? (Has it a relationship to Camus’s idea of human solidarity?) 5. In terms of overall structure , what function does each section serve? How do the beginnings
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