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Moths SQ - The Mo th s Helena Viramontes 1 Point of view Do...

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u The Moths” H e l e n a V i r a m o n t e s 1. Point of view . Do we trust our narrator? Does she seem competent and willing to tell us the truth? 2. Character . What is the narrator like in the beginning? Offer a quotation or two that reveals her own sense of hersel f. Be careful not to oversimplify. 3. What is her attitude toward her grandmother and her folk remedies? 4. What is the significance of the episode with the moth wings ? How do we think of moths now , as a result of it? 5. What does the narrator’s grandmother, Abuelita, represent for her? 6. In terms of domestic skills, how does Abuelita act as a mentor to the young girl? 7. In what (other) way is Abuelita a mentor to the young girl? Besides household tasks, what else does Abuelita teach her; what wisdom —what understanding of life, insight into human relations—does she impart to her? How does she do so? 8. Setting and parallelism . Literature often offers parallels . In this story we are shown three settings , each differ- ent in some way from the other: the girl’s home, the church, and the home of Abuelita. What distinguishes
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