Module%205%20-%20World%20Urbanization - World Urbanization,...

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World Urbanization, Migration and the Product Cycle The sudden mushrooming of third-world megacities and the related mass rural-urban migration is related to both the growth of dependent industrialization, which offers more occupational possibilities, and the "push" of peasants off the land. The push is caused by increased use of more expensive and intensive agricultural production methods like power machinery and fertilizers and by the related use "of coercion, starvation, and violence … (as) Land is grabbed by landowners and corporations, behind a wall of bayonets and clear plastic riot shields" ( Crisis & Change: 73). Besides the greater range of occupational opportunities offered in third World megacities, they are also centers of subsidized food systems and offer better educational and health facilities (Alan Richards and John Waterbury A Political Economy of the Middle East, 1990: 268). Though the product cycle mechanism discussed in Lecture 1 above has increasingly introduced industrial production into certain third-world cities, it is incorporating the newly
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Module%205%20-%20World%20Urbanization - World Urbanization,...

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