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110 Glimmerings doc - X X X X X C d Glimmerings Before the...

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i X X X C X X d G l i m m e r i n g s “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.” —from the I Ching “That which offers itself to us with starlight, that which offers itself to us, hold it like world in your face with might, take it seriously. Show night that you received silently what it bestowed on you.” —Rainer Maria Rilke C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! You’ve enrolled in a class that will remarkably enhance your awareness: English 110. A brilliant decision on your part! You might want to know, however, that the title of this course, “Critical Reasoning and Writing: Literature,” may be just a bit misleading. Not that we don’t think crit- ically. As you’ll see, we do plenty of that. And not that we don’t write—I think you’ll find we do enough of that, too. But one of the main areas of growth for you will be in your reading. Most of our reading will be great works of literature, plus some literary criticism and theory. As we read the literature, you’ll find that you become more sensitive to literary nuances, most likely far more so than you were before. And this heightened sensitivity will translate into an intensified aware- ness outside the class as well. You will not only be more alert when you read literary works; if you’re like most of my former students, you’ll notice that you read people more astutely as well, that you understand songs and plays and films more deeply than before. I think you’ll be pleased with your growth. Along with the syllabus and assignments, this booklet is designed to develop your ability to appreciate literature while providing you with opportunities for occasional twinklings of insight. You’ll find in it a variety of material, some of it dark and formidable, some of it, to borrow an
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2010 for the course ENG 110 taught by Professor Whitchurch during the Spring '10 term at Golden West College.

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110 Glimmerings doc - X X X X X C d Glimmerings Before the...

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