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Unformatted text preview: W h i t c h u r c h r� j B a r n B u r n i n g g 1. Discuss the exposition , the opening scene. What is happening? Why is it that the material is not pre- sented straightforwardly, but rather it seems we need to catch the information as it drifts by? Is Faulkner deranged, or is there some connection between that aspect of his style and his apparent purpose? Also, what kind of information are we learning? What can we reasonably infer is important to the boy? 2. Repetition : The words “grief” and “despair” and “terror” are used often in this story. To what effect? 3. Describe the appearance and analyze the character of Abner Snopes . Why is he the way he is? 4. Socio-Historico-Marxist Approach : How has the Civil War affected the socio-economic situation in this story? How has capitalism affected it—and Abner Snopes? 5. Discuss major values in this story. By which values does Sarty live? And Abner Snopes ? Nature vs Nurture : Which of Abner’s values has he inculcated in his son? Which values does Sarty appear to have : Which of Abner’s values has he inculcated in his son?...
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