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Genesis Notes - Genesis S -! n m mn e m Creation...

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G e n e s i s S - ! n m m n e m Creation Composition Considerations. (See Library Reserve Oral composition, later written (& probably oral & written co-existed). Content & Stylistic diffs. Authorship : Moses traditionally held to be author. Biblical scholars say it’s more likely that: c. 950 BCE J or Y : Jehovist/ Yahwist . Hebrew god YHWH was Yahweh ,not Jehovah: no “v” in Hebrew then. c. 850 BCE E : Eloist . God referred to by Hebrew plural Elohim . ( El = god, mighty one.) c. 721 BCE J-E. After fall of Northern Kingdom, Judean editors combined parts of J & E. Skillfully interwoven; hard to discern diff sources. c. 550 BCE: P . Priestly writer also used Elohim , but shows the concerns of a priest: P . How rituals & holy days (holidays) began; generations —“begat” (ancestry determines eligibility for religious functions). ( Historical Reminder : Babylonian Captivity. In 587 Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem and sent many Judeans to Babylon. In 538 Cyrus conquered Babylon & allowed Jews to return home. However, polytheistic Babylonian nature worship had appealed to them, putting pressure on Jewish orthodoxy, and thus: Priestly writer(s) needed to counter Babylonian religious beliefs ( Cf Enuma Elish w/Genesis)— e.g. “Elohim called the dry land Earth.” To name is to control, be superior to: the same deity, Elohim, controls both land and sea . Background : Tiamat was the agriculturalists’ benevolent creator earth mother; as personification of salt water she mingled her waters with Apsu, the sweet water , creating life). But the invading Indo-Europeans revised her into an evil grandmother dragon who killed her own children; their Enuma Elish creation myth established their god Marduk in Babylon as the savior, her slayer, the Creator who made the world—out of her body, superseding/modifying the earlier myth that Tiamat had already created life. But Genesis corrects this error: “darkness was upon the face of the deep [ tehom ].” Hebrew tehom for deep is the equivalent of Babylonian word tiamat for [the personified] salt water; Genesis is saying that it was not Marduk, but Elohim ( Yahweh ) who prevailed over the deep, the salt water— tehom / Tiamat . It is
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Genesis Notes - Genesis S -! n m mn e m Creation...

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