Eng 110 Mid-Term Prep -1

Eng 110 Mid-Term Prep -1 - Whitchurch A Few Study...

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Whitchurch A F e w S tu d y S ug g e st i o n s for th e E ng li sh 1 1 0 Mi dte rm 4 b 2 5 x X 0 v GV z s “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.” —William Blake When you receive it, glance over the entire exam and plan your strategy for this quest. You might want to make a cursory outline for your own use. When writing, avoid repeating yourself ; show breadth as well as depth: discuss a variety of works, and offer new insights different from (or as a development of) those you al- ready treated in an earlier assignment. In each response discuss a different work f rom the previous answer. Underline the thesis of each brief essay, and be sure that your topic sentences advance and reinforce (not repeat) your main idea. Use appropriate, telling details (including quotations!) from each work to support your points—and use the specialized vocabulary and mode of analysis we have employed in this course. By the way, don't just say “form creates meaning”; demonstrate your insight, state precisely what “meaning”—theme?—the formal elements create! Numbers in parentheses will indicate the relative weight of each question— budget your time accord- ingly. Number and letter each answer correctly . The following are the kinds of questions you might be asked, or guide you to the kind of information or skills (beyond writing brilliantly!) you will need to excel. Because of my amazing kindness, I might allow you to bring a sheet of paper to class with you for this exam. If I do allow it, I could not contain definitions or themes. It could contain as many as thdee brief quotations from each story, two from each poem, and a few from any play or film we’ve read or seen, plus the name of the author and the work. You could organize these quotations any way you wished, and could use both sides of the page. You’d have to turn in this “cheatsheet” with your small bluebook and Scantron. Even if I don’t allow you to bring such a paper to class, it’d be a good idea to prepare one as a study aid. I. Objective
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2010 for the course ENG 110 taught by Professor Whitchurch during the Spring '10 term at Golden West College.

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Eng 110 Mid-Term Prep -1 - Whitchurch A Few Study...

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