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Unformatted text preview: Pla Plagiarism: giarism: Avoid Avoiding ing the the Uncoolness Uncoolness of It All of It All One who takes up tasks beyond his powers is proud and attached. On the other hand, one who does less than he can is a thief. Mohandas Gandhi What Is Plagiarism ? Our Oxford English Dictionary buddies say that to plagiarize is to take and use as ones own the thoughts, writings, or inventions of another . Lets say youve been assigned an essay on the Reconstruction Era in America. In your essay, may you include information you gathered from an Internet search or from a book? Yes, if its a sound source, you may include the information, but only if you acknowledge the original source; you do not want to pass off an idea (or datum) as if it were your own . Would you retell your Aunt Elizabeths bawdy joke without giving her credit? Hmmm . Well, you might. Indeed, my Aunt Liz prefers not to be known as a rich source of embarrassing ribaldry. However, in academia , unacknowledged borrowing is deemed stealing when one neglects to cite the source. So as a result of dishonestyor just oversight, ignorance, or lazinessyou could fail an essay or fail a class, even if...
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