3. Awareness of Methodology 2

3. Awareness of Methodology 2 - STATE MENT OF PURPOSE...

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE HYPOTHESIS CONTROLLING QUESTION THESIS In the selections below, students indicate the main idea or purpose of their research. An explicit statement of thesis is the most common purpose indicator, but other methods are used as well. And note how the concluding comments state the thesis or suggest relevant implications. Statement of Purpose (& Procedure) / Hypothesis Ethnology and Communication of Stingless Bees: “This report assesses the laboratory testing of my hypo- thesis that stingless bees use patterns of movement to recruit nest mates to forage for food.”—Kimberly Hoyt Controlling Question Violet of the Sorcerers: The Pharmacognosy of the Madagascar Periwinkle : “Can this common wild plant possibly cure the world’s most threatening diseases?”—Kimberly Grubbs Thesis Redefining Rauschenberg : “In creating his combinations, or ‘combines’ as he called them, Rauschenberg took the painting off the wall, put it on the ground, and changed the face of contemporary art.”—Kiren Gopal Gay Marriage, the 2004 Elections and the Moral Majority : “The gay marriage bans actually had little effect on the presidential elections.”—Thai Hoang A “Savage” People’s Influence: The Influence of the Iroquois Confederacy upon America’s Founding Fathers and the American Psyche : “It is time to . . . correct the historical irony involving the Iroquois: that from a people categorized and marginalized by society as ‘savage,’ our founding fathers borrowed ideas integral to the foundations of American democracy.”—Michael Klein J. Robert Oppenheimer and American Intellectual Imperialism : ”Few persons in recent history so dramati- cally personify this irony [that war uses man’s best to do man’s worst] as does . . . Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer.” —Laura Tinucci Multinational Corporations and Globalization : “The lack of regulation in globalization has harmed develop- ing nations and their ability to improve their economies.”—Nima Yazdani Perpetuation of Gender Differentiation and Inequality in Society : “If they are to improve their position in society, women need to be more critical when buying products that promote gender differentiation.”—Erika Hernandez Concluding Inferences The Iraq Effect: Size and Fragmentation: “The benefits do not outweigh the costs of holding together the three ethno-religious regions of the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites in one large, unified Iraq.”—Josh Franco Chaos Theory and the Geometry of Fractals : “This new fractal development promises to open up new venues of understanding which would have been impossible to develop using Euclidean geometry.” —Guadalupe
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3. Awareness of Methodology 2 - STATE MENT OF PURPOSE...

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